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pCloud is a Secure Encrypted Cloud Storage that lets you store up to 10GB for free but that's not the only thing it does. Although it isn't perfect, we can say that files are easy to store and it's a service that we won't hesitate to recommend.

by Felipe Parada

If you are anything like us, you love using storage services and believe us that there is no shortage of storage services out on the market. Services like Dropbox, Sync, Google Drive, and One Drive are some of the services that you can use for file storage. But out of all the ones we did use, we have to say that pCloud is one of our favorite services and this is due to several factors.

File Syncing Features & Sharing Files


What's the point of having cloud storage if its file syncing system is cumbersome to use? We feel that this is where pCloud shines the best. pCloud allows you to sync any folder on your computer while keeping the folder structure intact. Having the ability to open a folder from your computer without having to log on to pCloud is super convenient, especially when you spend days at a time transferring files. You also have the option to assign read-and-write access via shared link or password protect the file. Since we use very heavy design files for a multitude of uses, just dragging ad dropping files for us somewhere else is a function I didn't know I needed THIS MUCH.

pCloud isn't just a file-sharing/cloud storing service, don't let it fool you. In addition, pCloud has some useful media features that make it a great solution for storing and streaming music. I have yet to use a cloud storage service that does this feature well enough to make it worth talking about. Thanks to pCloud's built-in audio player, you can easily play your music from the comfort of the smartphone app or the web interface. Also searching for a song by, artist, album, or playlist is very easy, it's almost like using a dedicated music player.


Encryption & Security

We would consider ourselves to be very tech-savvy but no absolutely NOTHING about encryption. Thankfully, this is where pCloud differs from every other cloud storage service out there. It is no secret that security is more important now than it ever was. In an era where data/security breaches happen daily, pCloud has some excellent security features that will help you put your mind at ease.


So If you lack any Encryption knowledge? No problem, pCloud lets you choose which files you want to protect. It's really easy too. You have complete control over your encryption keys. I really didn't realize the importance of encrypting your files. Sadly, this feature is extra, so be prepared to shell out some dough for this very useful feature. Bummer.

pCloud Rewind

How many times have you had your data corrupted or accidentally deleted an important file? Thank the tech gods for pCloud Rewind. This handy little feature allows you to recover files from a previous date. But before you get too excited, sadly this feature isn't free. This option only comes with a Premium Plan subscription. 


If you do decide to proceed forward with the subscription, you have the option of restoring previous files from a specific date. It gets a bit complicated due to pCloud's simplistic UI. Most of the time the files will get dumped into a folder with absolutely NO directorial structure. You'll end up spending more time re-organizing all of your files but at least you are able to restore them.


I hear nothing but good things about pCloud's speed prior to use. But there's always a sense of doubt with these top-tier provides. To my surprise, file transfer speeds were really good. I was able to test the file transfers from different states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The average download speed was roughly 75 Mbps and 6 Mbps upload speeds, which isn't terrible. Both the upload and download speeds were pretty much exactly what you would expect, based on the connection speed.


pCloud also gives you the ability to use block-level sync to speed up the process of syncing files that have been edited. I really didn't think I needed this feature until I started to edit photos. Instead of re-uploading the file, the file is broken up into smaller pieces resulting in quicker sync. This is extremely useful if you edit really large files. I didn't use it much but the times I did use it, I really noticed the difference in the sync speed.

Final Thoughts

I really didn't think I needed another Secure Encrypted Cloud Storage service, but pCloud proved that you can always take an existing service and make it better. Everything about pCloud screams accessibility and ease. Having the ability to decide which folders get protected is very important especially in this day and age of cybersecurity. Although this is a paid add-on, it does give you the security you’d need for your files.


Whether it's for storing music or file sharing, pCloud has a slew of options that lets you feel more at ease with your massive collection of files. Let's not forget about the price too. A lot of the competitors offer similar prices and plans, but pCloud just offers more when it comes to the protection of your files. This is one of the reasons I love pCloud and will continue to use the service. Once you start to use it for yourself, you'll find little reason to go back to the other services.

Which file sharing system are  you currently using? have you tried out pCloud? Let us know in the comments below

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