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Everybody's Golf


Clap Hanz newest installment is a hole in one

by Felipe Parada

The Everybody's Golf series has once again hit a perfect balance between arcade fun and serious golfing challenge. With their first release on the PS4, Everybody's Golf still keeps the basic gameplay mechanics that made it popular and added new mechanics that brings it to the new generation of golfing enthusiasts. While the game certainly has a couple of missteps, those become less and less noticeable with each stroke you take towards golf supremacy.

As I write this, I've only unlocked 4 out of the 5 courses with 2 more courses on the way as part of Paid DLC. I'm not usually a fan of micro-transactions but considering the game retails for $39.99, I'm not going to complain. Even with the 5 courses (each with 18 holes) in the main game, it's more than enough to scratch that golfing itch. The game also adds in IN and OUT variants of the courses with mirrored versions to ensure that each round feels fresh and challenging. If you can actually sit and count all the holes that each course has to offer, it's pretty impressive.

Speaking of impressive, the player customization is surprisingly in-depth. Everything from height, weight, facial structure, voice, swing style and clothes can be fully customized to get a look that is close to you in real life. If you don't like your look you can always go back and tweak it a bit to get the look you want. Along the way you can unlock more gear and clothes to add to your library to use at a later date.

Now in real life I'm not that much of a golf fan because I pretty much suck at it. Everybody's Golf has a way of making you feel that you can actually take on a Par 4 in real life. With each swing of my 9 Iron I can feel myself improving not only striking the ball but how to read the course, wind and the weather. Each course get harder in difficulty but it is designed I'm such a way that you want to continue to play no matter how good you are.

Once you've have a handle on the gameplay mechanics multiplayer gives you the opportunity to test your skills against real players in Turf War. The rules are simple you and a team of golfers must perform at your best to claim 9 holes of golf. Who ever does the best within the allotted time wins the match. It adds a little bit if strategy and anxiety to a simple and calm game. A nice addition to a already well rounded game. 

Besides golf and fishing, customization takes center stage. If it is visible, you can change it. Everybody's Golf does a great job of giving you an extensive array of options to give your golfer a unique look and feel. No two golfers will ever look the same unless you copy them. 

If you dont feel like playing a round of golf? Then you can participate in side activities like fishing, karting, and collecting items across the courses which deliver additional fun on the green. Who knew just roaming around the course on your cart looking for fish could be so in depth, especially in a golf game. 


I'm not saying that you need to go out and buy this game right now because I'm not like that but there is a certain charm that this game has that needs to be experienced. This game has all the quirky animations and tight gameplay that is expected from a Clap Hanz title. I honestly wasnt expecting this game to be this fun and addicting. The best thing about it is that Everybody's Golf is a game that you can easily pick up if you want something casual. Or if you are like me and you are waiting for your wife to get ready, you can easily pick up 1 or 2 holes to fill in time. Whatever your preference is, Everybody's Golf is a game truly designed with Everybody in mind.


There's something about Everybody's Golf that is just impossible to ignore. Having more of a casual spin (pun intended) with hardcore elements, I would recommend anyone to PLAY this game because its really for Everybody.

Did you get a chance to play tee off in Everybody's Golf? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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