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Hello Games Teases a Major Update

by Felipe Parada

Hello Games is set to release a new update for No Man’s Sky. The only information we currently have is that the new update will be called “Next” which is due to launch August of this year. Also, the games timed exclusivity deal will be running out so No Man’s Sky will also be released on Xbox One in conjunction with the current platforms.


Any details on No Man’s Sky upcoming update have not been released yet but according to Hello Games’ co-founder Sean Murray, “Next” is an update that is based heavily on community feedback. The update is essentially the “Next” step for what No Man’s Sky really has to offer. The update will also expand on the previous updates, mainly story themes that were lacking in the original game.


The most recent update, called Atlas Rising, was released last August as part of their yearly anniversary content update. The update added over 30 hours of story and planetary variety. Along with Atlas Rising, the Pathfinder and Foundation updates gave No Man’s Sky the additional content that it desperately needed. The initial grind loop didn’t change but it added a lot more activates to take part of that made the universe feel more alive.


It seems like Hello Games is hard at work trying to give the community the game that it promised 2 years ago. I touched on this in an earlier article, The No Man’s Sky Anomaly and Why you Should Come Back and in its current state No man’s Sky really is a game worth your time. I really couldn’t say this during release because the game was met with intense criticism.


The story of No Man’s Sky is no secret, by now everyone knows of Hello Games, a small developer with ambitious ideas. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case when No Man’s Sky released back in August 2016. But it is encouraging to see, that despite all the death threats and negative feedback, Hello Games continues forward. They are proceeding with the “Next Step” of No Man’s Sky and judging by their previous 3 updates we are excited to see what the universe of No Man’s Sky has in store for us.

What do you think included in the next update? Leave a comment below.

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