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Enough with the Bullshots!

I don't know about you but I am sick and tried of getting ripped off by game publishers who blatantly push screen shots of games, we know very well, wont look like that once the final product gets released. The video game industry is the only industry in the world where the idea of getting ripped off is widely acceptable. It happens every day and many individuals in the gaming community complain about it but nothing ever gets done. There has even been a term invented for this type of deception...bullshot.

The term "bullshot" is a clever method game creators use to deceive their customers. The practice of using concept art, or heavily doctored game screenshots to promote video games. Some people may disagree but false advertising is stronger now than it was before and this problem is greatly at large in the gaming community.

It wasn't to long ago that Advertising Standards Authority in the U.K, launched an investigation at the company who created No Man's Sky over the use of false marketing material to promote their game. Hello games isn't the only company guilty of this practice, I could have an entire list of other companies but that is an article for another time.

Would this practice be acceptable let's say if you go buy a car? Or if you buy a house? Would you be OK paying for only 50% of a sandwich? I highly doubt it. So if it's not acceptable in those industry's we shouldn't allow it in any other industry. But the game developers know this but they keep doing it because they know there are NO PENALTIES when they do get caught. The developers know when not to cross the line and if they do they can save themselves with patches and FREE DLC. Thankfully we do live in an age where consumer opinion matters.

Will this ever change? Absolutely not. Developers will always find new and inventive ways to sprinkle lies to make their games look better. But what we can change is the way the consumers buy these products. We cant let ourselves be fooled by pretty pictures and big words and then, only then can we put an end to these bullshots.

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