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Awesome Mix | Guardians of the Galaxy


It's all about the music.

by Oscar Portillo / Felipe Parada


What would we do without music? Where would we be without songs? Without a killer soundtrack our games would suck. Like our favorite games, the soundtracks have evolved to provide a deep and rich experience that rival those of a Hollywood blockbuster. Here are just some of our picks of songs that have helped transcended games to just more than an art from. 

Tears by Health - Max Payne 3 (Oscar's Pick)

Tears from Health in my opinion sets the tone for not just Max Payne 3 the game, but this track sets the tone for Max Payne as a character. A character that cannot seem to escape his demons, but when the chips are down you can count on Max to deliver. Rockstar has notable music going back to Grand Theft Auto Vice City, but this song is above the rest. Just play through the airport scene and try not to get goosebumps.

Galaxy Map Theme - Mass Effect 2 (Felipe's Pick)


When you think of a Sci-Fi gaming soundtrack, you think of the Mass Effect Series. The entire series had amazing voice acting and an equally amazing soundtrack but the Galaxy Map Theme is what took the game to the next level. The Galaxy Map Theme had a distinct feel to it as you weren't just choosing a galaxy to save, you have the fate of the universe in your hands.

Main Theme by Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last Of Us (Oscar's Pick)


This track starts off just like the game, sad and dreary. But by the end you feel hopeful and that possibly there is a chance. As soon as the song starts you get images of Joel and Ellie just strolling through the apocalypse. I think this song stands on its own as just a great piece of music. I hope The Last of Us 2 has a similar track and soundtrack.

Main Theme - Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Felipe's Pick)


This theme song can only be described as “epic.” Hearing this tune immediately transports you to stunning vistas and exotic locations. This song IS the Uncharted franchise. Similar to the score from the Indiana Jones Series, the Uncharted Franchise stands at the top of the exclusivity mountain. I chose Drake's Fortune because this simple score set the tone for the entire franchise. Although Nathan's adventure is over it doesn't mean that it is long forgotten and we have this soundtrack to thank for that. 

In Case of Trouble - Bastion (Oscar's Pick)


I like this track because somehow its cool and dangerous but fun at the same time. It is played pretty early on in the game but it is very memorable. The entire Bastion soundtrack is fun and deserves a listening.

Nascence - Journey (Felipe's Pick)

I don't have to tell you how amazing Journey was. A game that had absolutely no dialogue, yet had so much impact, it is a wordless experience. The cello feels like the backbone of the entire piece. But the nature of Journey's sound design make it such a complicated game with many moving parts. Its stunning art direction envelops the player in that world with stone monoliths; a mix of Eastern and Western architecture; waterfalls of sand; and runes of a long-dead language. 

BFG Division - Doom (Oscar's Pick)

This track is nothing but action and its played on the right levels. A guitar riff that never lets up just like the game itself. It rocks harder then a lot of songs I have heard in any video game. I imagine Doom guy has this song on repeat.

Sword of Destiny - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Felipe's Pick)


CD Project Red really set the standard when it come to gorgeous open world games. And a open world series of this magnitude needs a soundtrack to compliment it, hence the Sword of Destiny. The starting vocals gives this track a unique feel. You know that this game takes place an a fantasy world that only the Witcher 3 can convey. 

Dragonborn - Skyrim (Oscar's Pick)

No list like this should not have Dragonborn on its list. It is epic in every way. The way this song ramp up and the singing takes you right into the game. This song can go in Lord of the Rings just as easily. I had the opportunity to experience this in concert and it was amazing.

Far Away by Jose Gonzalez - Red Dead Redemption (Felipe's Pick)

Rockstar has a knack for creating a great soundtrack. Red Dead Redemption was the best game of 2010 and the soundtrack was equally as impressive. But no single track had more impact on the game the game than the single track named "Far Away." Written by Jose Gonzalez, it wasn't the main theme of the song that received so much attention but a track that played as you crossed the border into Mexico. Between the setting and the music you are presented with a emotional trek into the wilds. No other track had such impact on a specific scene than Far Away.

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