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Join Felipe and Oscar as we cover the latest in video game culture and technology. The Advanced Level podcast address’s the latest news for the ps4, xbox1, nintendo switch and anything else that crosses our mind when it comes to gaming. We also discuss retro gaming and our video game roots.

Episode 028 ANTHEM_Apex.jpg

ANTHEM & Apex Legends - What is EA Doing?: Episode 028

ANTHEM and Apex Legends, two games published by EA both with drastically different results. In this weeks episode we talk about what went right and what went wrong. Does ANTHEM deserve the hatred that its receiving?

Resident Evil 2, ANTHEM

Are Remakes New Games?/Anthem Impressions: Episode 027

In a world of constant remakes, remasters and collections, we somehow keep paying full price for recycled content. This weeks episode we ask the question, are remakes considered new games? We also give our impressions on the ANTHEM demo.

The Punisher

Do Episodic Games Work?/Netflix's The Punisher Series: Episode 026

Everything seems to revolve around episodes nowadays. The industry is doing whatever it takes to keep viewers watching, but do episodic games really work? Can the formula be successfully replicated? In this weeks episode we take a hard look at episodic games.  We also give our impressions on Netflix's The Punisher Series.

Division, No Man's Sky

Games With The Best Ongoing Support: Episode 025

Video game development is not an easy job. Having to constantly come up with new and exciting content can feel like a Herculean task. In this weeks episode we take a look at the games with the best ongoing support and give the developers the recognition they deserve. We also share our thought on the Resident Evil 2 One shot Demo.

Episode 024 2018 Ups and Downs.jpg

2018: Ups and Down: Episode 024

The roller coaster year that was 2018 has finally come and gone. In this weeks episode we'll be taking a look at the Ups and Downs of 2018. Nothing is off limits.

Episode 023 VGA.jpg

Video Game Awards/2018 Game of the Year: Episode 023

The 2018 video game awards have come and gone with a new AAA exclusive bringing home the gold. Did that game deserve to be game of the year? Which game did I think should have been crowned "game of the year?" I also take a look at some of the big announcements that look to be shaping up pretty well.

Episode 022 expectation vs reality.jpg

AC Rebellion/Fallout 76/Expectation vs. Reality: Episode 022

With the recent success of Ubisoft’s newest Assassin’s Creed installment, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft finally decided to venture into the ever expanding world of mobile games. After what they were able to do with the Origins and Odyssey, we were wondering what was the next step. An Assassin’s Creed mobile game was obviously that next step in the evolution of the franchise.

Episode 021 RIP Stan Lee.jpg

R.I.P Stan Lee/Square Enix/Black Friday: Episode 021

This week we take a moment out of our regularly scheduled program to pay homage to the late, great Stan Lee. We share our story of the time we bumped into him at New York Comic Con in 2010. We also take a look at Square Enix and how they are taking a page from Konami's "How to NOT Do Things" playbook. We then wrap it up with some deals for Black Friday. 

Episode 020 Single Player Games.jpg

Single Player Games Are Not Dead: Episode 020

The ongoing debate between Single Player vs Multiplayer Games rages on in this weeks episode. With the outpouring of games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man; it's safe to say that single player games are on the rise and stronger than ever. How long can this last? Can the momentum carry over into the next generation of consoles? The podcast starts now!

Episode 019 RDR2_Konami.jpg

Red Dead Redemption 2/Konami/Netflix Cancellations: Episode 019

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally upon us and we discuss the early hours of the game. Does it live up to the hype? We also discuss Konami's lack of business sense with the release of Castlevania Requiem. We even dive into Entertainment with Netflix's recent cancellation spree. We have lots to talk about. Ready? Podcast starts now!

Episode 018 Trends for Cash.jpg

Chasing Trends for Cash: Episode 018

On this weeks episode we tackle the issue of chasing trends for cash. Could they be hurting video games? What lengths are developers and publishers willing to going to get that all-mighty dollar? We also present a podcast first, a new segment called "Don't be that guy!"

Episode 017 Friday the 13th_TWD Skybound

Friday the 13th/The Walking Dead Skybound: Episode 017

Just in time for Halloween, we discuss our experiences with Friday the 13th: The Game. What does it feel like to assume the role of Jason Voorhees and go after some helpless counselors? We also discuss Skybound Entertainment's acquisition of Telltales The Walking Dead Game. Can Robert Kirkman salvage what's left of the Final Episode?

Episode 016 Co-op Experiences.jpg

Best Co-op Experience: Episode 016

With all the attention focused on battle royale and single player games, it seems like co-op games have fallen by the wayside. This week we examine the best co-op experiences and plead with developers to bring co-op games back to their former glory. What are your favorite cop-op experiences and what games do you think could receive the co-op treatment?

Episode 015 Telltle Games.jpg

What Happened to Telltale Games?: Episode 015

How can this happen? Why did this happen? Believe us, were still in a state of complete shock. One of the best storytelling developers of our generation has told their last tale. Telltale Games is no more, and it is nothing short of earth-shattering. We take a look at the events that might have led to the downfall of Telltale games. How far down the rabbit hole does this go? Join us and find out

Marvel Game Unverse

Behold the New Marvel Game Universe: Episode 014

This week we found out that our suspicions were correct, in a recent interview with Bryan Intihar we managed to get a tidbit on the creation of a New Marvel Game Universe. In this weeks episode we discuss the creation of the new Marvel Game Universe and see which superheroes should make the cut and which ones should be left out.


eSports: Episode 013

Can eSports players be considered real athletes? In this weeks episode we tackle the eSports "athlete" debate and see if the evidence supports their claim as full fledged athletes. We also take an in-depth look at the rise of eSports leagues and see how much the top teams are making. You'll definitely be blown away by the results.

Puddles and Streams.jpg

Puddles & Streams: Episode 012

We've all been duped into thinking that were going to get the game we see in the trailers but sometimes that just isnt the case. But sometimes the internet can go a bit overboard. In this weeks episode we chime in on #PuddleGate2018 and Xbox's New All Access/Streaming Service. Does their new All Access Plan have what it takes to get them ahead of the competition for once?

Rage Quit.jpg

Rage Quitting: Episode 011

We've all been guilty of rage quitting here and there but it seems like its being taken a bit too far nowadays. In this weeks episode we look at the events of the Jacksonville Madden Shootings and how it affects all of us in the gaming community. We also re-visit some of our most embarrassing rage quit moments. What are your most embarrassing rage quit moments?

Online Experiences.jpg

Best Online Experience: Episode 010

We don't know how lucky we have it when it comes to our online services. There was once a point where we didn't even know what we were experiencing, the only thing we did know was that it was awesome. This week we discuss which is our favorite online experience and how it has helped mold us as gamers. We even go as far as to discuss our ideas for new online experiences. What were your favorite online experiences?

Open World Experience.jpg

Best Open World Experience: Episode 009

It seems like every game out on the market is an open world game, but how many of them can be categorized as being the best open world experience? This weeks episode we try to sift through some of the best open world games of the past couple of years and ask ourselves is each game deserves to be placed in this category. We even take some time to play a little game and guess which open world game has the largest open world on record. Can you guess which game takes the top spot?

Backlog Blues.jpg

The Backlog Blues: Episode 008

So many games, so little time. In this weeks episode we talk about the dreaded Backlog blues. We discuss what games are in our backlog and some techniques we can implement to tackle the neverending list of unplayed games. Trying to tacjle your backlog can be a bit stressful so we also take a look at some games that help us de-stress.

Uncharted Film.jpg

Let's Talk Uncharted: Episode 007

In this weeks episode we talk about the Uncharted fanfilm that has gone viral. Could we finally be getting the video game movie that we've all been waiting for? We also talk about other past video game movies and which video games we think deserve to be on the silver screen.

GOTY Watch 2018.jpg

Game of the Year Watch 2018:  Episode 006

We're a little past the half way mark for 2018, so it's time to start talking about game of the year nominations. This week we take a long look at some of the games that are potentially in the running for game of the year. What games do you think should be in the running for game of the year?


Give Us Cross-Play: Episode 005

Cross-play seems like a game function that has always eluded us and just when you thought we might be able to experience it, Sony spoils the fun. This weeks episode we talk about cross-play, or the lack thereof. How long can Sony continue to evade the question? Which games do we think can benefit the most from a cross-play function? We need the communities help in getting us cross-play.


One of Gaming's Hottest Summer: Episode 004

We are experiencing one of the hottest summers ever, speaking in terms of weather and in gaming. This weeks episode we talk about some hot lawsuits going around and how God of War manages to remain one of the hottest games on the market right now.


Go Console Yourself: Episode 003

How time flies when your being an adult, but that doesn't mean that we can't talk about some of our greatest gaming memories. In this weeks episode we rewind the clock talk about our picks for greatest console(s) of all time.


E3 2018 The Lost Levels: Episode 002

Welcome to our inaugural first podcast where we talk about E 2018. Now that the Press Conferences are over, we talk about the high's, low's and everything in between.


Let's Wrap it Up on E3 2018: Episode 001

Welcome to our inaugural first podcast where we talk about E 2018. Now that the Press Conferences are over, we talk about the high's, low's and everything in between.

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