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Overwatch | Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard outlines the next step for Overwatch.

by Oscar Portillo

Blizzard disclosing plans on improving the viewing experience. In a developer update today October 26th. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about different tools that will be implemented making the viewing experience more enjoyable.


First, teams will be now be able to choose uniforms and color palettes to help add more variety then the blue and red tint. This new system will be first applied at next weeks Overwatch world cup during Blizzcon.


Second, a top down overlay system will be made available to broadcasters and observers. This will let individuals see the entire battlefield at once. It will give indications, such as ultimate status, positions on the map and if they are stunned or rooted.


Next, is a third person smart cam will be added. Broadcasters will be able to replay moments on the fly from multiple camera angles and time scaling will be added as well.


Blizzard is also unveiling a tournament system that should help streamline the tournament process as well as help preserve the integrity of the game. For example automatically pausing the game if a player disconnects.


Blizzard states these are just some of the first steps in developing the viewer experience. Overwatch is fun to sit back and watch, and these tools should definitely help the game go further deep in the esport rabbit hole.

Check out the Developer update below

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