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Super Hang-On | SEGA AM2


We look back on SEGA'S Arcade bike classic.

by Felipe Parada

Name: Super Hang-On

Manufacturer: SEGA

Year: 1987

Genre: Racing 

Super Hang-On was produced by SEGA in 1987 and if you have any fond memories of walking into an arcade then you will have come across this gem a couple of times. The game is simple and straightforward, like many arcade games that were produced back in the 1980's. The only major change from over the original Hang-On was the addition of stages (based on difficulty) and a turbo button. The game play pretty much remains the same; get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. With a score attack feature and leader-boards to boot, it made perfect sense why this game became so popular at arcades. The leaderboards made things more interesting and you kept coming back for more trying to beat those pesky high scores.

Super Hang-On | SEGA AM2

Super Hang-On is a great trip down memory lane and should definitely be on your bucket list of classics to play before you die. What is great about these classic games is that you can just literally pick them up and play anytime and anywhere. Whether you are in it for the long run or are trying to kill some time these classics will never go out of style.

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