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Mad Max | Avalanche Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


Welcome to the Wasteland

by Felipe Parada

There are very few games out there that use a licensing property effectively and I am glad to say that Mad Max is one of those games. The central these of the game is hope, well the lack thereof. Even with hope slipping further and further away from your grasp, this game is an adventure that demands to be explored.  With every hard strike, gruesome brutality, and determined movement; Max’s warpath to purpose consumes every foot of wasteland. 


Usually turning a movie into a game is often looked at as a bad idea and the audience reception is even worse but this wasn't the case with Mad Max. Mad Max is a great game, a solid open world experience that has a lot to offer but this game felt like it went under the radar. Like many games, Mad Max had the unfortunate experience of being released the same day as Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Many would claim that Metal Gear Solid 5 is the better open world experience but Mad Max wasn't even given a fair shot.

Lets take a look at the games that were released the very first week of September 2015:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – September 1

Mad Max – September 1

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ‘Reckoning’ DLC  – September 3

Tearaway Unfolded  – September 8

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Trespasser’ DLC – September 8 


So as you can see Mad Max, as well as other games on the list, were going to under-perform due to the shadow of Metal Gear Solid. Mad Max was such a good game and it was a shame it didn't get more recognition. The vehicle and hand to hand combat are some of the best in recent memory. Driving around the barren wasteland is a sight to behold. Whether your infiltrating a stronghold, taking down a convoy or looking for Spare parts, this game will keep you busy for a long time as you look for the right parts to construct your magnum opus. 


Ill admit, at times I would just drive around looking to ram Wastlanders head on at full speed. There is always a certain satisfaction you get taking down a convoy of cars and reaping the rewards. If that isn't enough for you then you can just hop out of your magnum opus and brutally beat enemies to your hearts content. It all feels unique and fresh even though the mechanics are pulled straight from all the other open world games. This is still a game that needs to be picked up even though it fell by the waist-side with all the other games.

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