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Dragon Ball FighterZ Arc System Works / Bandai Namco


Rock the Dragon!

by Felipe Parada

The Dragon Ball Series has been rated as one the greatest anime series of all time and have a number of fighting games under it's belt. I've played a majority of them and many of them have been hit and misses. I think the last good fighting iteration of the franchise was the Budokai series which first debut back in 2002. You can only imagine my excitement when Dragon Ball FighterZ was announced at E3 2017. 


Developed by Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a similar style to that of other familiar franchises like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Many who are familiar with these series know what to expect with crom this new 3v3 fighter. Oozing with over the top animations and an in-depth combo system, Dragon Ball FighterZ proves once again that this series knows about a little thing or two about fighting.


Once you select your region, you are thrown into a interactive menu hub that serves like a lobby/menu. For the beta you can access training, online matches and leader boards with your cute little avatar. It was a bit confusing getting around but I managed to find my way around and get straight into training. 

Dragonball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Arc System Works / Bandai Namco

Lobby System looks more like an MMORPG than a fighting game.

Training was extremely basic only showing you the bare minimums. It takes you from button inputs, to switching partners and even as far as showing you how to trigger environmental finishes. I wish there was a free training mode but since it was only the beta,  it is acceptable.


It only took me about five matches to really understand the ins and outs of the new fighting mechanics. While the level of competition was fairly balanced, I was able to win a majority of my casual matches. The matches were a hit and miss as far as connection were concerned but overall it felt stable. There were those couple of fights in ranked matches where I was really put to the test, though it did feel like I was not utilizing the characters to their full potential. I know it's only the beta but I do wish there was the ability to train while waiting for matches. 


Once you get into a match that is where the game thrives. Brutal, tactical and high paced matches are plentyful and the presentation feels like it's being pulled straight from the cartoon. There are sequences during a match where you forget your playing a game and you are presented with highly detailed recreations of the anime show. And just like the anime show, the characters demonstrate their speed, strength and insane combos. Just make sure not to blink or you will miss an opening for a counter attack. 


The Dragonball FighterZ Beta has me very excited for the upcoming release. I know its just a couple weeks away but inner fanboy wants this game in my hands right now. I expect connection issues day one because that's just the current state of industry. This should give me more than enough time to hone in my skills get familiar with all the characters. 


For now check out some of our sessions below.

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