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A call to all fighters

by Felipe Parada / Oscar Parada

Now that we have Dragon Ball FighterZ in our hands, many of us are putting hours upon hours fighting away in the Dragon Ball Universe. So it should have been no surprise that I highly recommended this game when I reviewed it upon release, you can see the review here. With a total of 24 character, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a real robust roster that will please any hardcore fan of the series. But just like Freiza's quest for power, we always want more.

Bandai Namco has recently revealed that there will be 8 new DLC characters to be released in the future which will bring the roster up from 24, to a sizable 32 man roster. Bandai Namco haven't officially announced who these fighters are but many of us speculate that Vegetto and Broly will be part of that 8 player DLC release, so that just leaves 6 that are unknown. With so many characters that span the Dragon Ball Universe we really hope that more fighters will make an appearance because 8 just doesn't seen like enough. For now here are our pick of FighterZ that we want to see in Dragon Ball FighterZ:

4. Pikkon 


First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Other World Saga)


(Oscar's Pick)

One of the rare characters that does not appear in the original Dragon Ball manga. Acting as a substitute for Piccolo in terms of appearance, role, and personality, he is introduced in the filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z, and later appears in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

During the Other World Tournament Pikkon really gives Goku a run for his money and came close to defeating him. His Hyper Tornado Attack can trap an enemy while allowing him to strike an opponent with surgical-like accuracy and speed.

Why he would be a good addition?

He'd be a good trap character. Just like how Gotenks can use his Galactic Donut to hold characters in place, Pikkon can have alternate versions of his tornado attack to do the same. He would be able to use the attack for offensive and defensive purposes making him more of a tactical fighter. It would be interesting how other characters would be able to hold up against Pikkon.

5. Bojack

First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound)


(Oscar's Pick)

Appearing in only one movie, Bojack is a ruthless Hera-seijin who would stop at nothing to conquer the universe. He was accompanies by other Galaxy Soldiers committed most of their genocidal tendencies in the Dormideous Sector. The Four Kai's of the Universe were able to put a stop to him by locking him inside of a star.

During his escape, Bojack and his soldiers were able to lay waste to the Z fighters with relative ease. His ruthless tenancies made him a tough villan to overcome but Gohan rose to the challenge. 

Why he would be a good addition?

Bojack is an absolute beast but in order to stay true to his character he can have his soldiers do all the fighting just like Captain Ginyu and Android 18. Or you can have his ultra move incorporate all his trusty henchmen. He can have short combo strings but do a ton of damage which could make him a deadly addition to the roster. 

6. The Great Saiyaman


First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Saiyaman Saga)


(Felipe's Pick)

Seven years after the defeat of Cell, Gohan is an 17-year-old teenager and has finally stopped training to focus on his studies. Gohan becomes the city's true hero by defeating criminals in his Super Saiyan form, thus earning him the title "The Great Saiyaman"

He can't hold up his disguise for long as Videl uncovers the truth about The Great Saiyaman by tricking him into confessing. She agrees to keep it a secret in exchange for flying lessons and on the condition that Gohan enters in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Gohan has no choice but to enter to keep his identity a secret.

Why he would be a good addition?

No list would be complete without the over the top Great Saiyaman. Dorky and comical (Like Dan from the Street Fighter Series), The Great Saiyaman would add a great source of comic relief. Adding a pose after every successful combo would add the icing on the cake. You can go as far as adding as assist move by The Great Sayiawoman as well.

1. Bardock


First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku)


(Felipe's Pick)

As his first appearance title implies, Bardock is the father of Goku. Bardock is a low-class Saiyan mercenary who leads a small platoon comprised of four other Saiyan soldiers. Bardock and one of his comrades are in battle against aliens on another planet when they receive a message on their Scouters ordering all Saiyans back to Planet Vegeta.

The two head back to the planet, noticing Frieza's spaceship hovering in orbit above Planet Vegeta. Bardock believes that Frieza must have a hidden agenda. Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta a month after Kakarot has been sent away.

Why he would be a good addition?

Bardock would be a pure melee fighter occasionally throwing out ki blasts to disorient opponents.  Focusing more on raw fighting ability, Bardock could have less combos and more brute force. His special could be "Spirit of the Saiyans" where her remembers his fallen comrades and unleashes a barrage of punches. 

3. Taipon

First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon)


(Felipe's Pick)

Tapion is kind-hearted in personality, wanting to protect his people from any danger that may set foot. While on Earth after being freed, he purposely makes himself isolated from the outside world, solely wanting to focus on destroying Hirudegarn. However, when becoming friends with Trunks, his more happy and upbeat personality returns.

Tapion and Trunks then form a friendship, and Tapion is invited to stay at Capsule Corporation, by Trunks. Eventually, Hirudegarn is  is destroyed for good when Goku (as a Super Saiyan 3) sees his chance to pierce through Hirudegarn's chest with a Dragon Fist, obliterating the monster forever.

Why he would be a good addition?

Another Sword wielding character, Taipon could use quick attacks from his sword to disorient his enemy. More of a combo based character he can easily do long strings of combos for average damage. He could even use Taipons Song to create a shield that can be used for offensive and defensice capabilities.

2. Janemba


First Appearance: (Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn)


(Oscar's Pick)

The evil energy which eventually manifested into Janemba had been gathering for generations, and created a powerful evil heart. Goku and Pikkon are interrupted from their match in the Other World Tournament fight Janemba, Pikkon being left behind to free King Yemma from the barrier that Janemba created around the Check-In Station.

Eventually, Janemba's weaker first form is destroyed by Super Saiyan 3 Goku, forcing a transformation into his second state, which enables him to overcome Goku. Vegeta comes to Goku's aid and the two eventually defeat Super Janemba by fusing into Gogeta, who destroy Super Janemba by purifying his pure evil energy.

Why he would be a good addition?

It would be interesting to see Janmeba use his teleportation abilities in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He can be a high combo string type of fighter, occasionally pulling out his sword for extra damage. I'm not sure what his super would be but I can imagine it would involve those pesky jelly beans.

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