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What's Your High Score?

by Gabriel Quizhpis


Times are changing outside the gaming world, as well as inside the gaming world. Marijuana has been a taboo subject for many years, but after years of scientific research and deliberation, weed is now becoming legal. As a resident in an area where the legalization process has started, I am now given the chance to see how this will play out first-hand. Now, I know that this is a gaming site and this topic seems to be a bit irrelevant, but just allow me to indulge you a little bit.

I have been a hardcore gamer my whole life but due to the shift in the gaming landscape, I have switched over to the more casual gaming scene. I've noticed that the competitive gaming community is now a thriving billion dollar industry. From an eSports perspective, corporations are now seeing the potential revenue in games. In these circumstances, a win means everything. That being said, some eSports players are now doing whatever they can to ensure a victory. The best example of this is the admission of adderall use by professional eSports competitor Kory “Semphis” Friesen. After his public admission, several other pro players have discussed Adderall use during competition.The reason behind it is due to Adderall’s ability to calm anxiety and increase focus. Due to this, professional gaming is now looking to screen and ban all substances during official sponsored tournaments. Now let me ask you a question, does marijuana count as a substance that needs to be banned?

A lot of skeptics can argue that marijuana has nothing to do with gaming. It is a good argument, but studies have shown that marijuana can relieve anxiety, stress, nausea, and calm a person's overall demeanor. It can help a player focus, and as such perform under more stressful circumstances. In any type of competition, any edge is crucial. Under the right dosage, it can help a player perform at peak level for a short period of time. It's all about its 2 key components, THC and cannabinoids. A good number of people have heard of THC, but not the latter. Cannabinoids are the chemicals that are proven to be a natural muscle relaxer and is the key part that helps with the anxiety. It has been  to naturally treat problems from anxiety to epilepsy with much success.

There is a lot of benefits, but it also works as a double edged sword. Too much can cause a lack of focus, laziness, and some sleepiness. The drawbacks are severe, but as with any substance, the body can adjust and work with it as long as the dosage is properly applied. This can spell big problems in competition. Other competitive sports like football and basketball have been dealing with this for decades and have strict guidelines set, but eSports are an entirely different animal where the body does note endure the physical strain. It does make up for it in mental stress as anything can happen. Size, strength, and stamina do not apply as much as in other sports.

With this being all said, people will do the research and will come up to their own conclusions. I myself have no issue with it as alcohol has worse affects, but is still allowed to be consumed with minimal fall out. As a person who does frequently take part in the "high times" lifestyle, I have had my chances to see what the it has to offer. I can say that is does have an advantage when done is the right amounts. I am no pothead and I do not like being stuck on a sofa. So I usually take just enough to treat a migraine or deal with the stresses of life. When I game, the effect shows in game play. Don't take this as a lets all get high as kites statement. I see it as the same immediate effects of something like alcohol, but with none of the long term side effect of constant use. Take too much and a gamer is nothing more than a sitting duck.

So I will be the first to confirm it is a double edge sword. Now when it comes to gaming, is being high as a kite to win be acceptable. I remember in the old days, when all a person had was a gamepad and a desire to win. Those times are long gone and we are in a world where gamers are looking to get paid by any means necessary If i was part of the ruling body of the esports scene, i would be a little worried. It will not be the same as Adderall, but i would want not want to condone taking something just because you want to win. Honestly, being the stubborn old fashioned gamer I am, I would see it as weakness and i would feel like I gave into the the pressure just to win. I am sure other people have different opinions, and they are allowed to have them, but that is not me.

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