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Just Cause 3 | Avalanche


Let's Blow s*** up!

by Felipe Parada

The Just Cause Series is one of those rare games that despite its glaring flaws, it has done extremely well. The game's formula hasn't changed in 3 series yet there is a draw that keeps players coming back to erupt a new revolution in a different land. Simple as it may be, it all comes down to one idea. One idea that has spanned over 10 years and 3 games...CHAOS.


Its a tride and true formula that never gets old. The simple idea of trying to cause the most amount of chaos in a shortest amount of time. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Or in this case, if it ain't broke blow it up. In the rare occasion you don't have the means of chaos, the game gives you plenty of options on how to plan your path of destruction.


The story is simple, overthrow an evil dictator who had been oppressing his people. In order to draw him out you must liberate provinces all over the fictional town of Medici. That is where you come in, with your massive arsenal of weapons and quick wit. How you do it is up to you. 

A simple and straightforward approach: Running, gunning, flying, gliding and blowing s*** up but make sure to rinse and repeat. Its a formula that doesn't get old and its a key factor that has kept the series running for over 10 years.

With a colorful supporting cast at the helm, they take a backseat to utter destruction that awaits the beautiful island of Medici. Guns, cars, boats, helicopters, you name it you can use it to blow stuff up. Nobody is safe from Rico the one man Wrecking Crew. Unfortunately the good people of Medici will suffer Rico's wrath but its a small price to pay for freedom.

In the middle of liberating the provinces there are small side challenges scattered around the map to help you unlock mods to help you cause more destruction. Some of them are fun and some of them are tedious but the challenges just serve as a distraction to the main story. It's not a bad thing because there's no shortage of things to blow up. You will constantly be gliding around in your parachute looking in the distance looking for something shiny to blow up. Sometimes you'll be even minding your own business and trouble will find you.


And speaking of explosions the Just Cause Series boasts some of the most impressive explosions this side of a Micheal Bay movie. The explosions become so intense that the console versions of the game suffer from massive frame rate drops. But that is just a small blemish to an overall fun experience.  

I could go on and on about the gameplay mechanics, the graphics, the sound design and even the story but this is a game that needs to be experienced not spoken about. As I write this, there are provinces that need liberating and tanks that needs to be blown up. Thankfully just cause has already given me the means to do so. So if you'll excuse me I need to go back to blowing stuff up. Why you ask? Just Cause.


There are just too many open world games out there to compare it to Just Cause 3 but I would rate this game as a PLAY because its just too much fun blowing s*** up.

Did you get a chance to blow s*** up in Just Cause 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Just Cause 3_20170806112917
Just Cause 3_20170806112855
Just Cause 3_20170804231024

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