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Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment


Here's Whats New in the World of Overwatch.

by Oscar Portillo


In the most recent developer update game director and yule log Jeff Kaplan went into some plans for the next year of Overwatch. First was mentioned the Blizzardworld map that was shown at Blizzcon. According to Jeff it should be “very soon” as well as other maps but no information was given as far as that is concernend.


Jeff also discussed a new Lunar Year event just like last year's year of the rooster. This year is the year of the dog. The uprising and anniversary events will return as well. Jeff stated they will be vastly different from last year with much more content.  Also a lot more of the lore will be revealed this year through comics and more shorts.


Finally code name  hero 27 is on the way, which right now is in internal testing. Nothing big was revealed except, Jeff saying a “very needed” hero. Right now the meta calls for either a support hero or another medic. That is just my opinion though. No dates were mention for the new hero. Lastly what was said is that the “vanilla” loot boxes (loot boxes nor connected to any evaent will get more content including the uniforms from the Overwatch league.

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