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Another reason to grind.

by Felipe Parada

I always appreciated the implementation of the trophy system within the Playstation network. I always wondered if the trophy system could one day be used for something bigger, like getting stuff in return. Well wonder no more, the Sony Rewards program now gives us the ability to earn points in exchange for trophies earned through playing games. These points are good toward discounts on the PlayStation Store which is a added bonus for those of you who need to Platinum every single title you have in your library.


The point system works as follows: earning 100 silver trophies is worth 100 points, 25 gold trophies net 250 points and 10 platinum trophies — which are awarded for earning every trophy a game offers — gets 1,000 points. Just keep in mind that this works only for U.S gamers. Currently, 1,000 points in the Sony Rewards program gets a user a $10 discount voucher on PlayStation Network.

In order to participate for the program all you have to do is sign up for a Sony Rewards Program account here, link up your Playstation Newtork account and you are on your way to some awesome rewards. Don't forget to fill out some info on the "About Me and Preferences" portions of your account for a quick 100 points. Now we have a reason to grind for those trophies. 

The Sony Rewards program also offers discount codes, or points for things like signing up for trial programs (four in all), subscribing to PlayStation Network services or buying and renting movies. This page has all of the details. But again, none of this accrues until the user links their account to the service (so if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and haven’t yet, that won’t count). And it’s only good in the United States.

Happy Trophy Hunting.

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