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Samson Go Mic


Amazing portable USB mic for a variety of uses

by Oscar Portillo

Upon starting our little endeavor into the podcasting world, we knew we had to find some decent equipment that was still budget friendly. Just a simple google search will bring up a multitude of microphones and stands. Then, the Go Mic by Samson stuck out to me because it is probably the smallest and most compact mic I've seen to date. Based on user feedback, it was compact aspect of it that worked real well. Sitting at just At $39.99, what was the harm in trying this little guy out right? Well I am happy to report I am more than satisfied with this cute little mic.


The Go Mic is designed to clip onto the top of a laptop screen, and it works just as well clipped onto the top of a tablet or just propped up. This is what's great about the Go Mic, you can clip it to almost anything which makes it real easy to set up your own custom sound set-up. The ascetic is silver and black with a plastic housing. In my opinion the construction feels pretty solid. The mic swivels on a small ball mount, so you can orient it into a number of positions while it's clipped to a screen or just propped. The Go Mic uses a USB to mini-USB cable for connectivity. Pretty much plug and play when it comes to widows. I have read the Go Mic can work with Apple products, but you would need a 30 pin device or a lightning connector device according to the Samson FAQ. And running IOS 8 or later.

Huawei Honor 6X 

Samson Go Mic

The Go Mic has a switch that moves between omni-directional and cardioid pickup patterns. For recording something like a podcast, the cardioid setting works well as it is very directional If you're recording a group of people, the omni setting is perfect. There's also a center position on the switch that basically mutes the mic quite a bit.


We found the sound quality to be pretty good for such a small, pocket-sized microphone that fits into its own little carrying case. While I wish the audio was more crisp, the audio is clean. And the microphone is  very sensitive. Any movement and the Go Mic will pick it up. Enclosing, if your looking for a budget microphone it is hard to pass up on the Go Mic.

Let us know what you think? Do you plan on getting the Samson Go Mic or do you already have one? Let us know in the comments below.

Samson Go Mic
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